Essential Oils Exentiae: active, naturally

The essential oils Exentiae can be used:

  • For foods flavorings
  • In the diffusers
  • Mixed with creams, oils, powders for cosmetic use
  • For the preparation of cleansing solutions for the home

The guaranty of Exentiae brand

  • Pack with child-proof seal
  • Amber glass bottle to preserve the essential oil
  • Total traceability of the raw material: from the field to the bottle
  • Quality control and product analysis


All essential oils Exentiae are effective as remedies for many problems, otherwise we are used to only deal with the use of scientific advances. Our essential oils, although very powerful, represent a natural solution and less invasive alternative. The essential oil is the expression of the flavoring compounds present in some plants, concentrated to form a plant complex, which contains all the active ingredients in synergy with each other (the main compound is called chemotype).


During the steam distillation of the aromatic species, they are produced the hydrolates, saturated aqueous solutions naturally in essential oil. Thanks to the low concentration of essential oil, are widely tolerated and can be used daily and at any age to intervene in multiple situations with excellent results.