We are a young company born from the collaboration between different experts in the agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors and we operate in the agricultural production of aromatic and medicinal plants of the Mediterranean, to its processing and characterization of various essential oils, following a quality protocol that said timing techniques and methodologies to obtain the best product in terms of purity and concentration of the active ingredients naturally present

We are located near the southern coast of Sicily, close to the Special Nature of Aleppo pine, on the slopes of the mountains Iblei Reserve, where, thanks to the creation of a small chain, we rely on the collaboration of other organic farms, which, according to the guidelines of “good agricultural and collection practices of natural Aromatic and Medicinal plants” (GACP- MAP), issued by the European Herb Growers Association, operate under strict control policies, aimed at the super vision specialist plant growth and their proper manual harvesting.


Welcome to the world …. Exentiae From Nature Science, the Nature of Science. Here is the real ambition of Exentiae: to create products that through science can express the full potential of nature concentrated in a few drops. That’s why was born Exentiae brand lines Essential Oils, Aromatic Oils and oleolites and Water: because the products in this line are pure concentrated nature caged by our experts in a few drops of product. Naturalness, purity, quality, safety are essential attributes of our products and the values ​​of our company.


We follow the customer in the choice of the ingredients of the final formulations, providing technical and scientific support. Essential oils are now the novelty of the active “cosmetic” because of the multiple biological functions they perform (antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal etc.) subject of numerous scientific publications. Exentiae Essential oils, standardized at specific phytochemical components, lend themselves to primary health-play functions, demonstrable through international scientific data drawn from various universities around the world.

Choose our essential oils means relying on high-quality raw materials, always 100% pure, organic, exclusively made in Italy, produced by specialized professionals in the field of herbal medicine, chemical and pharmaceutical.

Exentiae essential oils: active, naturally